Saturday, January 05, 2008


Yea! Finally got to play Heroscape! Justin Kosec came over to get in a game or two. He recently got the fever due to cheap master sets (original and Marro) being available. I dug out a map for us and started putting it together. It had a good number of nice elevations and something of a canyon through the middle. Justin arrived while I was working on it and started looking over the troops. As neither of us had played, we jumped into the draft and started the experiment.
We were playing 400pt armies and I ended up drafting for my army: Microcorp Agents, Nakita Agents, Gorillinators, and then added James Murphy to fill out my points. I was going for the ranged guys, and was hoping to keep Justin's ranged guys from hurting me with the "Charlie's Angels". Justin grabed Iskara Esenwein and the Rechets, then nabbed the Deathwalker 9000. He then filled out his troops with the Blastrons and Gladitrons. Things were back and forth most of the game, though it started poorly for me, losing most of my Gorillinators. The Nakita Agents weren't doing much but being in the way. James Murphy went after Iskra as Justin was having no luck getting the Rechets into play. I hoped to kill him before they could come out, but he fled back across the field. After a lot of killing, it all came down to the fact that I didn't have enough force to take down the Deathwalker. With only one unit each left, the Deathwalker 9000 was more than a match for my last Nakita Agent.
Justin had time for a rematch, so we drafted again, each going a different way. This time, Justin went for the Grut Orcs, specifically the archers and the Swog Rider. He added Krug as his "beast" character, to bond with the archers. He finished his army with a group of ninjas and the Izumi Samurai. I decided I still wanted some ranged guys, so I went with Syvarris and the Aubrien Archers. I also figured I'd try to get Syvarris into combat quickly by getting him carried or teleported, so I also drafted Saylind. I took the Minions of Utgar who would give me a "trick" chance to move Saylind an extra time if I needed. I had a few points left, so I also threw in Theracus who could carry. My plans started out well enough, as I managed to get Syvarris to the highest peak in the game and he immediately sniped out Justin's Swog Rider. Justin was none to happy, but he managed to kill off Syvarris and another of the Aubrien Archers with Krug - the bane of my existance. Krug proved to be a huge issue, until I brought my Minions to bear on him and wiped him out. The Minions and Saylind then made short work of the rest of the orcs. With their high defense and double hits, Justin wasn't too happy about his chances with his Samurai and Ninjas, but I was only able to wipe out the Samurai. The Ninjas got on a roll and managed to kill all of the Minions and Theracus in short order and then finished Saylind. It was an exciting finish in a game where the momentum kept on flowing back and forth.


Jaybird said...

We played for the first time last night--Syvarris was my only hope! Believe it or not, Caron took out my Deathwalker with a measly Marro--9 defense dice rolled, and not a single shield! Did you guys play the simple game (one hit = death) or the master game (where some characters such as Syvarris have 4 hit points)?

Tatsu said...

We played the full rules. Its not really harder, but adds a lot to things...