Sunday, January 20, 2008

Memoir - Charles vs Jason Maxwell

We started into the Eastern Front expansion with [RUSSO-FINNISH WAR] SUOMUSSALMI. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this expansion from the Russian player side at all. I dislike having to expose my next card. At least for this scenario, it turned out ok, as the weaker ski troopers were getting whittled down pretty quickly. I had one nice turn where I nailed 3 of Jason's units out of nowhere. I surprised myself and pulled out a 6-4 win. Creeping closer and closer the war is now Axis: 174 - Allies: 172

We are replaying this. Turns out, the card I play under the chip isn't face up - due to the interface I didn't realize that until Jason read the blog. After further review - its not face up. However, I didn't get the timing quite right, so we are going to redo it. The redo went against me 6-4 which changes the score to Axis: 176 - Allies: 170

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