Monday, January 21, 2008

Memoir - Charles vs Jason Maxwell

This was a fairly large fight (to 7 pts) that pits the Russians against a huge invading force. Jason basically had his back two rows filled with units. Realizing that he'd be tank blitzing the hell out of me, I took a risk and tried to push him early, hoping that a few flags would help thin him out a bit. Sadly, I hardly rolled any and only managed a paltry 3 kills before Jason finished me off.
Total score: Axis: 183 - Allies: 173
Eastern Front: Axis: 13 - Allies: 7


Jason said...

I actually only had 1 tank blitz, but it was the final card I played and got me 3 points to end it.

Tatsu said...

To clarify, I didn't literally mean you'd play that tank card, just that I'd see a lot of your tanks...