Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Yet another 2007 post.

Recap of 2007 for me

47 different games played - 20 were brand new to me in 2007. I acquired 89 new games, though I traded 8 of those away. I had 3 dimes and 6 nickels (games played at least 10 and five times respectively). All the dimes were online games against live people via MaBiWeb, Vassal, or the computer version of the game's interface.

Gaming Goals For 2008

I don't typically put out goals like - play game X at least 5 times and such, as I recognize that something else may come along that captures my attention. That being said...
  • I want to get the following played this year: Die Macher, Game of Thrones (4 and 5-6 player versions), Shogun, Mare Norstrum, Notre Dame, Age of Steam (of course) and Conquest of the Empire (new version). Sadly, Justin Easley is leaving in another couple of weeks which will likely diminish the chances I have to get through all of those games.
  • Play a game of Age of Steam on Vassal - live or PBEM.
  • Finish writing reviews for C&C:Ancients and BattleLore
  • Finish painting Descent
  • Mount all the BattleLore figures
  • Play more of my unplayed games
  • Play more games with my kids
  • Get my office/game room better organized and decorated.
  • Play Heroscape

    Mike G. said...

    I would be interesting in hearing how the four player map of Games of Thrones plays.

    Tatsu said...

    The 4-player map being the Storm of Swords expansion plays much more balanced than the regular map IIRC. When I played, it was with 3 other experienced AGoT players. That was the first time I think I ever played until the turns ran out. I enjoy the 6-player version so much, I wouldn't say I wouldn't play it, but the 4-player is very well designed and even. The bidding isn't as interesting, but that's offset by the allies. That added military complexity is offset by no boats.