Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wabash Cannonball Deluxe

My top secret plan to make a Wabash Cannonball deluxe is underway. I'm going to use a set of larger cubes (from Age of Mythology - they appear to be roughly 50% larger than the little AoS sized cubes) and I'm going to redo the map 50% larger and probably redo it altogether (which shouldn't be hard). I may try it out with slight variations of the numbering and colorings to see if I can't make a more user friendly map. Some of the ideas I have: putting the company values around the entire board, coloring the space instead of the tiny dot/shape on white, or better yet - a symbol in the hex. Regardless, once I get that the way I want, I'll just find a game board at goodwill or something and mount it.

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