Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 2008 Game of the Month

Unsurprisingly to me, Starcraft easily makes my January 2008 game of the month. This beauty came to me thanks to winning a $100 gift cert to ThoughtHammer. The giant box is loaded with the standard Fantasy Flight fare - tons of minis, big glossy rulebook, thick cardboard pieces, and loads of cards. This game scratches just about the same itch that Game of Thrones does for me, but should play well with 3-4-5 equally. I'm not convinced that Game of Thrones with A Clash of Kings Expansion isn't the better choice for this itch with 6 though. But - what's not to like? It does exactly what the video game did so well at - it balances three completely different races (and here it even goes one more step, breaking each race into two factions). Each faction requires a different approach, and the game board is uniquely built each game - in fact, setting up the game board is part of the game and influences a lot of things. Expect this one to take 45-60 minutes a player (not including rules). The length is one of the few downsides to this one.

Other games in contention for January? Memoir '44, which saw a ton of action with Jason Maxwell via Vassal. Ca$h 'n Gun$ was also new to me and I had a riot each time I played it.

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