Thursday, January 10, 2008

Memoir - Charles vs Jason Maxwell

This time out was [MARKET GARDEN] VALKENSWAARD, where I hoped to continue the good streak I've been having. Things didn't look good to start off - mostly due to "Flooded Fields and High Ground rules are in effect". Basically that meant that normal terrain was suddenly one and done. Movement would not be fast for anything. The only "fast" paths? Right down the middle where Jason's units were sandbagged and dug in. I did my best to be patient, but my starting hand was nearly all middle units so I made a mad push up the gut to try and overwhelm his positions. The effect? None. For either of us, as Jason didn't deal much more damage than I did. In fact, I was slowly picking off his guys, while the dice stayed against him. After what felt like forever, I finally killed the last guy I needed and I was surprised to find the score 6-3. I was sure things had been like 4-3 just moments before and that I was about to lose 2-3 units. Well, always glad to keep making up ground after all the crappy beach invasions. The war is getting tight again - the total score is now Axis: 161 - Allies: 157.

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