Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Memoir 44 - Charles vs Jason Maxwell

I am on a roll I tell you. We finished [OPERATION COMPASS] BEDA FOMM tonight. Jason mentioned at the start that his cards sucked and weren't going to help him. This scenario has the Italians trying to move off the left side of the map (a new twist I haven't seen before). The Allies have a blockade in place, and if the Axis breaks through, well, its likely over for the good guys. However, Jason basically said he didn't have the cards to move his troops en masse. Sadly, I had no left side cards to bombard what troops he advanced. I was able to finally get a few cards that let me hit him decently and I picked him off while his cards kept him from much of a retaliation. This was a 6-2 win for me. The total score is now Axis: 158 - Allies: 151! I can't believe how lucky I've been the last few games.

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